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EZ Mix 'N Pour

  • Tupperware EZ Mix 'N Pour
NZD $ 52.00

EZ Mix 'N Pour

Measure, beat, store and pour from the splatter-proof EZ Mix ‘N Pour. Mix egg whites, create a cake batter, beat cream or make mayonnaise. It's the ideal mess-free kitchen essential.

The splatter proof cover allows you to mix without splashing. Beaters can be placed through the hole for easy and clean mixing.

Metric and volume measurements are printed on the jug so you always have control over the contents. The wide spout pours easily at three different volumes allowing for controlled pouring depending on the viscosity of contents.

2-litre capacity
L23.7 W17.2 H15.5


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • The anti-skid ring is suitable for the dishwasher only when in place with the base. This will prevent deformation of the anti-skid ring during dishwashing.


EZ System

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