What's not covered by our Lifetime & Q Guarantees?


We ask that customers recognise that our Lifetime and Q (Quality)Guarantees have reasonable conditions and limitations, and not all claims will fall within those terms. We will replace any product or part thereof that, under normal domestic use, shows a manufacturing defect, which excludes:

  • Burning – If food is cooked at too-high a temperature or for too long, burning or blistering of the product is likely to occur.
  • Blistering - Products may blister when food containing a high fat or sugar content are cooked or reheated on high.
  • Impact damage - If a product is knocked against, dropped or hit by a hard object then this is not replaceable under the guarantee.
  • Scratching - Products may scratch under normal use. Scratching is not covered under the guarantee.
  • Melting - If products touch the dishwasher element, stove top burner or even extremely hot metal objects, the heat can melt the product at the place of contact.
  • Staining - For ideas on removing food stains and discolouration please refer to cleaning and storing Tupperware.

Products that are not cared for or used in accordance with our Tupperware care instructions will void the warranty. Dishwasher and microwave safe symbols appear on the bottom of all Tupperware products. Care instructions are also found in your product user guide or see Use and Care.

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